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We are a Helsinki-based advertising agency producing marketing communication ranging from individual actions to broader entities. Our mission is to achieve results through creativity.

With our expertise, we create HTML-based presentations and items for traditional marketing communication. This makes us the best possible partner for your marketing and advertising needs.

We specialize particularly in executing marketing communication for the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare sector.

We create content for the Veeva CRM Multichannel environment. Typical implementations include CLM presentations and Approved Email campaigns. We provide both content and technical implementations for presentations and campaigns.

Websites, email campaigns, banner campaigns. Social media implementations.

Magazines, advertisements, brochures, flyers, guides, and books; design, layout, localization.

Implementations for CLM platforms, HTML5 presentations, as well as PowerPoint and PDF slide decks.

Quick Screens, trade show backdrops, trade show gimmicks and handouts.

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Pekka Paltemaa

Phone: +358 50 576 4101

Jari Neuvonen

Phone: +358 50 585 3438

Jere Juutilainen

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